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Heartscapes™ Testimonials

"Ellen's therapy does not just treat the physical body with body work, she treats from her heart, the whole person..."

- Richie Bennett, Client

"Ellen Gordon has been a God-send to our son and family. Her one-of-a-kind integration of traditional occupational therapy with heart-centered attention to his unique body and personality has transformed our son’s sense of himself, his body and his abilities. Our son looks forward to working with Ellen and returns after each session relaxed and confident. I recommend her VERY highly!"

- Beth Sirull, Mother

"My son worked with Ellen Gordon beginning at age 4. Ellen was instrumental in helping him find the tools to manage his anxiety and frustrations. One of her techniques taught him to “find his heart” and focus on connecting with his inner-self. My son is now 12 years old. The techniques he learned from Ellen are tools he continues to use. In my opinion, everyone could benefit from these techniques. In fact, our entire family has learned to “find their heart."

- Sarah Abel, Mother

"Ellen is a gifted therapist and healer who has made a huge difference in the life of my son and our entire family. She treats children with a holistic approach which gives them strength, skills and knowledge to develop into whole, aware and confident adults. Her wisdom, compassion and intuitive abilities shine through her work in every way. She has been an amazing teacher and has been instrumental in my parenting journey."

- Jane Inch, Mother

"Ellen's body-work helps me think clearer because my body is not as focused on stress."

- BD Schwarz, 10 yr. old Client

"When people ask about the OT we’re doing I can’t describe it in terms of the traditional model. You’re doing OT, cranial sacral, body work with some personal coaching and therapy woven in. His changes are so subtle and I do sometimes wonder what he would be like without your treatment. The only way to know is if we stopped and I’m not willing to do that. I ask my son if he thinks your sessions help and he says yes every time. I know I benefit greatly from the body work I do regularly. The other aspect of him seeing you is your relationship which is as much a benefit as the physical work. You give him a space to be himself, and appreciated, and you’re teaching him a lot about respecting himself, feelings, relationships. So, thank you!"

- Kathy McCarthy, Mother

"Ellen is a remarkable therapist who has worked with my autistic son for over ten years. She is extremely caring, knowledgeable, creative, and energetic. Her unique ability to integrate her treatment of his body with that of his mind and heart has yielded significant improvements not only in his fine and gross motor skills, but also in his emotional regulation and readiness for learning. As my son has said several times, "I love being with Ellen." She has always empowered our family by encouraging us see his strengths while we work on his challenges. Personally, Ellen is very warm, bright, funny, and flexible. Her book "Ian's Voyage to the Treasured Heart" is a lovely embodiment of her approach. We are very grateful for her loving work with our family."

- Robert Fusaro, Father

"Ellen's therapy does not just treat the physical body with body work, she treats from her heart the whole person. After each session my mind feels more organized and my body feels lighter. She meets people where they are and guides them to their potential in the moment. I feel like a bibillion dollars after each session with the strength to take on anything that comes my way."

- Richie Bennett, 28 yr. old Client

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