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Heart-to-Heart Therapy

Ellen Gordon has been practicing Occupational Therapy for 30 years, sculpturing a style of empowering children and adults to live beyond their five senses from an empowered heart.

The Heart-to-Heart Program's techniques are rooted on ancient teachings and understandings - a heart-to-heart approach that teaches humans to access their heart's power, the inner strength of self-love. Ellen's guidance, by way of playing and learning from the heart, fosters skills of emotional resiliency and teaches children and adults how to master challenges.

Ellen's program inspires children and adults to grow into loving people, who can express kindness, appreciation, and understanding, rather than have a "knee-jerk" response of frustration, anger, and other negative emotions that are habitual responses to everyday life.

During each session, Ellen provides a safe environment to exercise the body, mind, and heart. Ellen provides fun activities to integrate these systems and promote effortless learning. Her style enables children and adults to relax and succeed within each session. The results come from taking baby steps and building skills, progressing one step at a time.

Some of the exercises that Ellen practices during sessions come from a myriad of different disciplines, including:

  • Brain/Heart Gym Exercises
  • Sensory Regulation
  • Sensory Integration Activities
  • Crainial Sacral Therapy and Bodywork
  • Mind, Heart, and Breath Yoga
  • Weighted Resistant Bodywork
  • and more...

The Heart-to-Heart Program has received positive feedback from Ellen's clients as they become sustaining life skills. View client testimonials now.

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