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In the midst of our busy lives, it is rejuvenating and replenishing to dip into a well of calmness, both for our physical body's health, and for mental clarity. Ellen's warm, gentle, and assuring voice, combined with the expressive piano music of Dr. Harold Grandstaff Moses, truly guides listeners to a calm place - an inner paradise.

Listen to an excerpt of "Sailing to Inner Paradise"

"Ellen Ruth Gordon has captured the essence of life in her CD "Sailing to Inner Paradise" - that an open heart will transform every aspect of your life. This meditation will bring you to a rich and full understanding of that truth. Enjoy it often."

- Jeddah Mali, International Mentor, Teacher, and Advisor

"Ellen Gordon has captured the heart and soul of personal transformation. She brilliantly illuminates the journey. This CD empowers you as the agent of change, to reunited with your inherent healing powers, and ultimately to celebrate your freedom from the tyranny of illusion and reclaim your birthright as a Divine child of the Universe."

Cheryl Malakoff, Ph.D., Director of Wellness through Awareness

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