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Meet Ellen Gordon

Ellen Gordon is an Occupational Therapist, Author, Teacher, and Presenter. She currently resides and practices in Oakland, CA.

Ellen graduated from Boston University’s Sargent College of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences as an Occupational Therapist. At Sargent, she learned techniques to strengthen and improve the physical, mental, and emotional capabilities of all people, including disabled and healthy individuals. She has worked for 34 years in providing direct services to children in schools and in medical clinics.

For the past 20 years, she has had a private practice serving children and their families. Her educational background provided her with basic foundational skills for being a therapist. Her curiosity and dedication to be a life-long learner inspired her to seek a personal and professional understanding of how to apply an amazing technology which is within each body’s physiology and neurology for optimal well- being. This exciting understanding has inspired her to share these simple and effective techniques by creating books and cds. She is passionate about applying her understanding of the body’s physiology and neurology into practical skills for successful everyday living.

The art and science of Occupational therapy is a unique therapy in that it is breaks down everyday living skills to discover solutions for improving function and performance of ordinary life skills.

Ellen focuses her understanding beyond the 5 senses of the body to discover the impact of the inner rhythms of the heart, breath and brain and how to work them in harmony to create a calm attitude and relaxed physiology from which all skills can be learned.

Meet Ellen, The Author

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