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Meet Ellen, The Author

Ellen is also an author of children's picture books. She became an author because of her heart's desire to share cleansing and healing solutions with others. As a single mom working with children, she faces many challenges and opportunities to fine tune her skills of living from the heart of love; a place where she expands beyond the walls of her therapy and home to share this in schools and with parents.

Ellen recently completed her second illustrated story, "The Bridge to Pur-r-radise". Ellen calls the book a "life skills owners manual for children." Steelee Faltis, crafted the beautiful drawings that complement Ellen's story of a young boy who discovers his heart. The main character Pur-r-rlee, a wise cat teaches his new human friend Pudgy, everything kids need to know about living from "heart smarts"; the heart of self-love. Take a peak and watch a live interview with Pearly.

In 2004, Ellen digitally published her first book, entitled "Ian's Voyage to the Treasured Heart". The story is featured in two parts - Part One is a poetic fairy tale for children and their adult companions. Part Two integrates the tale into an uplifting daily practice to build life skills and inspire healthy family dynamics.

Ellen's books harness the power of her
Heart-to-Heart Therapy Program

Did you know that Ellen released a CD too?
Check out her spoken-word release, "Sailing to Inner Paradise"

















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