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Heartscapes™ - A Professional Resource for Healing the Heart

"Ellen's therapy does not just treat the physical body with body work, she treats
from her heart, the whole person..."
- Richie Bennett, Client

Heartscapes™ is Ellen Gordon, a San Francisco East Bay Occupational Therapist who practices heart-to-heart therapy, a program that teaches how to live the art of heart magic in everyday living. Ellen focuses beyond the five senses of the body to discover the impact of the inner rhythms of the heart, breath, and brain, and how to work them in harmony to create a calm attitude and relaxed physiology from which all skills can be learned.

Ellen is not just a therapist, but a teacher, presenter, and an author of children's books and CDs as well. Her services have received exceptional feedback from clients and organizations.

Heartscapes is the art and science of fueling your body with the heart's power fostering sensations of love that shower you from the inside out, washing over you feelings of unreasonable joy. The brain can find many reasons to be unhappy. Exercise the heart's power, and you can choose to feel joy as it is heartwired; It is who we are and is within each of us, learning to shift into the heart exercises' emotional resilency and a sense of well being in the body.

Teach yourself and your children to harness unreasonabe joy. It's the best toy, and it's free and available in this next heart beat.

Call Ellen at (510) 712-0682, or email her to discover how the Heartscapes program can offer you, your loved ones, or your organization a better, heartfelt way of living.

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